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  4. Becoming an Ambassador of Happiness in Midlife: Maura’s Story

What are some of your favorite things to do, think about or enjoy during the holidays? This is a Christmas release, but its content is suitable for everyone anywhere, regardless of background, religion, circumstances or day of the year.

Maura Sweeney | SpeakerHub

Read a short blog, listen in on a podcast where I share some of my favorite things reflect upon your favorite things in life, too. Podcast Preparing for Success. Have you been hoping for success or preparing yourself for its arrival? Happiness in life is often tied to the accomplishment of our goals and the attainment of things we desire, but we often forget that success requires our active engagement and a willingness to participate in the process of personal growth.

Listen in to my latest podcast and hear a few stories about putting the old adage to work: Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. The post Podcast Preparing for Su. The Power of Stories. The power of stories is that they help carry us from one reality to another. Discover the powerful role stories have had in my past to inspire, engage and propel me beyond current circumstances and into something new.

In this blog, discover how stories can do the same for you, too. Dale Carnegie tells us, "If you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. Then get inspired to face your fear and journey your way back to happiness, well-being and love.

A tribute to an anonymous quote reads, "Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds. In my latest blog and video, be inspired to master destructive and disheartening seeds so your mind and heart can thrive like a beautiful garden, too. Podcast Limited Vision.

Helen Keller once mused that, "the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. Learn some stories about how I grew out of my own narrow scope and discovered that evidence of what I desired was present all around me.

More about our featured guest Maura Sweeney

Be encouraged, empowered and inspired in your life circumstances, too. The post Podcast Limit. Celebrating International Podcast Day. Gone are the days of limited programming designed for the masses. Find out how podcasting is changing our minds, our choices and our world on International Podcast Day. Have you been pondering our topsy-turvy world and wondering about your own axis? If so, the following video -- filmed at the famed Leaning Tower of Pisa -- should provide you with some inspiration and empowerment!

The Golden Rule. We all learned Golden Rule as children, but does this law of reciprocity really work? Find out more about the Golden Rule and discover how to apply it in your life today. Prepare to be inspired! Like Aretha Franklin, there are days we all want a little more respect in life! Listen in to my latest podcast on how to handle life's hurdles when respect just isn't coming our way. Pick up an "Aha! Podcast Where Is Your Reality?

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If you are burdened by the narratives of bad news and even fake news, maybe it's time to reclaim your own reality. Listen to this uplifting podcast that talks about reclaiming your own sense of reality from a better, higher and happier source.

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Jeff McMahon : Total Body Construction

Happy Together with Sounds of the Sixties. You don't need to be a baby boomer to enjoy the feel good sounds of sixties music. In this blog and video, I capture some of the reasons why The Turtles, The Cowsills and Three Dog Night made me and many others very happy -- and still do! You don't have to be a victim of Stockholm Syndrome to appreciate this latest podcast and blog that takes up the idea of protection. Sometimes, we are protecting a person or idea when doing so works to our detriment!

Get inspired, empowered and ready to move beyond your comfort zone. Why limit happy hour to just one hour? In this podcast and post, learn about the origins of happy hour, then create one of your own innovative ways to be happy, too.

If not sufficiently inspired, I have added a few videos that will propel you on your way. Read, watch, listen and learn. Then let me hear from you on how you've created your own version of happy hour, too! If you've been overwhelmed by the plethora of negative and divisive news in the world, I've got a good news alternative!

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  • Read about my trip to Hague for Women's Economic Forum and watch my video that captures the positive spirit of global sisterhood. Good news is out there, it's changing our world and its powerful energy is a growing force. As children, we're naturally in touch with feelings but eventually neglect the cues they offer for creating healthy relationships. Listen in to this podcast and discover how you can regain your connection to socially charged emotions.

    Use them to help you assess, and redefine, your relationships while helping you maintain a happier emotional set-point. Podcast Are You a Reactor or a Creator? Do you copy what you see in others or do you choose to create instead? If it's the latter, discover how to stop reacting to outside stimuli and those nasty prompts that press your proverbial buttons. For anyone who's been daunted by outer conformity or herd mentalities, here's a blog and podcast to help you change and empower yourself from within.

    Become the change the world's been waiting for! Keeping it Simple on World Happiness Day. We can look for happiness in many ways, many of them quite complex. But why not keep it simple? On World Happiness Day , I decided to share my simple way of finding happiness.

    Becoming an Ambassador of Happiness in Midlife: Maura’s Story

    For me, it has always been about my love for dogs! Podcast You Can Be a Bridge. Are you exhausted from looking at people and ideas from the standpoint of division?

    Too many of us fall into polarity and fear, but we can be a bridge to others in the world. Catch my latest podcast on bridges and a previous video I launched on the same topic, too. Be inspired to be a living example of the positive change you wish to see in the world. Meet the grandson of Philips Corp. Start listening to Think Outside the Lines on your phone right now with Player FM's free mobile app, the best podcasting experience on both iPhone and Android. Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too.